$250 Bottle of BS….

 The $250 Bottle of Wine

Hi! This blogging business is no joke.  Just trying to decide how much to post, what to post next, ideas, etc.    But, I am back!!! and though I am supposed to be highlighting a wine of the week, this blog is purely for shits and giggles.  This really wasn’t a $250 bottle of wine – by far.

A little over a year ago some guy requested me on IG.  I don’t typically accept random requests on social media, but he was decent looking, I was bored, we had a couple mutual friends and hell! Isn’t that what we people do?? Maybe? No? Help me out people.

Turned out he was according to him – a celebrity chef (en su casa solamente), had a brand new condo in Jersey City (I only saw it in photos), and he was over 6ft tall (winner!) LOL.

Anyway, we talked for a few months, made plans to meet up but he was supposedly always traveling for work.  He was kind of like a restaurant whisperer (again according to him).

We connected once – went for drinks. It was cool, except for the fact that all he did was talk about himself (again) and how wonderful he was (again) and all the bougee places he could get my friends and I into.  But of course (like I mentioned in my last blog), I ignored all the warning signs.  SMH!

Against my better judgement, I invited him to a holiday party at a very formal venue and the first thing I noticed was his very ill-fated, for lack of a better word, “ugly” suit.

It wasn’t even a suit, but more like black worn slacks that were too short (maybe his chef pants), a shirt he said he ran out to purchase last minute (didn’t look like it) and this tweed jacket that matched nothing else.  He reminded me of one of my professors.  I might have pics of this guy, but I don’t want to get sued for posting – for like defamation of character (insert eyes rolling).

But, he had a gift!!! Like a present!! I thought, yes, he redeemed himself.  I don’t know about you, but I love gifts.  He gifted me a bottle of wine nicely wrapped in foil with a bow.  My excitement bubbled!!!

He proceeded to tell me a client of his (from the bougee places he was going to get me into) gifted him a few.  We were not allowed to take into venue, so we coat checked it.  He joked with the coat check attendant to make sure to watch it as it was a VERY EXPENSIVE bottle of wine.

Now, as you will learn in this blog I am a WINE lover!! On a scale of 1 to 10, I am probably about a 7.5 in the wine knowledge department.

This doesn’t mean I’ve tasted hundreds and hundreds of different wine, (maybe I have), but I have SOME knowledge, especially locally.

Anyway, we proceeded to party our butts off, eat, drink and be merry.  It was a holiday party after all!  Had a great time, except again, all he talked about to anyone who would listen was what a great chef he was.

By the end of night I had decided I probably wouldn’t go out with this guy again.  Just no “click”. But I was excited about the wine I was very much looking forward to opening.

Imagine my surprise when I took the wine out of its wrapper, only to discover this:bogle

Let me just segue with this – I am by NO MEANS a wine snob!  AT ALL!!! I can drink a $10 bottle of wine as easily as a $80 bottle of wine.  And I take great pride in finding a really good bottle of wine for under $10.

HOWEVER, Bogle is NOT, and I repeat, NOT a $250 bottle of wine.  The most expensive bottle of Bogle which is their Bogle Phantom Red averages about $18.  That is not the bottle he gifted me.  The Bogle he gifted me ranges about $6.99.  Really. No lie. It left me wondering like why and it raised several issues for me:

  1. Why lie? Who cares? I mean, I’d like to think I am pretty down to earth and I don’t present phoniness.
  2. How social media allows people to create these fake personas that are pretty difficult to live up to or follow through with,
  3. Finally, again, another moment, when even though I knew better, we (women) don’t pay attention to the warning signs – I had several, yet I ignored them (read previous blog)

For the record, I don’t have a problem with the $7 bottle of wine, because you’d best believe I drank it and it wasn’t awful- the first glass anyway, by the second day, it was tasting a little rancid even though I placed in fridge. By the third, I was done and resorted to using it as vinegar for my cooking.

My issue is with the lies and fakeness.  And trust me, women do it too.  We present fictional selves.  HE clearly must have known because eventually I told him we weren’t really a match and his response was ,“Oh, well Good luck, hope you find someone better.” (Dodged that bullet). Like dude, the bottle of wine was the least of your issues, but ok.

I took the higher road, instead of bursting his ego and sending him a pic of his $7 of wine from liquor store, I wished him the best and kept it moving.

Ladies, don’t be so easily impressed with a fake $250 bottle of wine.  Don’t be impressed with a nice car or nice teeth.  Dig for substance, dig for character, dig for something that will last longer than a simple gift.

I won’t highlight a $250 bottle of wine on here unless someone else is treating, because at the end of the day it’s not about the cost of the bottle, but about the quality of the wine and even the company who its shared with.

I never saw the “chef” again. I also later found out those mutual friends we had, he friended randomly too!  Social media is the devil! For sure.

Remember, not everything that glitters is gold and if he or she sound too good to be true, they probably are. And I promise my next wine blog will be about good wine!


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  1. LMAO because I am drinking Bogle Petite Sirah while reading this and I got a few bottles because they were on sale for $9.99. And personally, I would rather a guy introduce me to a great wine that was super affordable than some $250.00 bottle that I’ll never drink again. Add some real value to my life!

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