Silk and Spice Red Blend

Hi, everyone, as promised I will also be trying to feature a wine of the week on here for you guys.  Being that my blog is called LolaUncorked it seems only fitting.

Wine and photos on a Sunday afternoon.


So I started drinking red wine probably about 15 years ago.  I was always a white wine or vodka drinker.  My brother came home one day with a bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz and I was hooked!  Since then I’ve moved on from Yellowtail – not that there is anything wrong with it- to explore so many other reds.

I got the opportunity to bartend (yes one of my many side gigs) in a well known wine and tapas franchise and it was there that my love and knowledge of wine expanded.

Who would have thought that the burst of spice I get from some wines is called tannins or that wines had a finish to it.  Or that some wines are tasted on the tip of your tongue, the sides or the back.  So much I didn’t know. I will share some of that knowledge along the way with you or just some really good wines to pair with your food.

Recently they opened a World Market near me which carries just about everything, but imagine my surprise when I walked in and discovered a corner with wines from around the world!!! Heaven!

After browsing for a bit, I grabbed a bottle of Silk & Spice Red Blend.  I don’t even know how to explain the smoothness yet boldness of this wine.  This is a Portuguese blend and I won’t bore you with all the technical stuff, you can go to to read up on it.  silk-and-spice

I will tell you this, this wine I think is a great starter for anyone that is not too sure if red wine will be their thing.  It’s got enough spiciness to make it interesting, but not too assaulting.  It gives you an initial burst in your palate, swirls around with some vanilla-ish things going on, and a nice, full, finish that lingers long after your last sip.

True story- I love this wine so much, I bought it as a thank you for  after our photo session.  I forgot to give it to her.  She left on vacation, I ended up opening it and drinking it all myself.  Gera is back now from vacay, so I have to hurry and go grab another bottle, or two.  One for me and one for you!  Enjoy…Let me know what you guys think of it!














0 thoughts on “Silk and Spice Red Blend

  1. “Her Name Was Lola”
    Love this blog!
    Very well written.
    I do respect and admire your knowledge and expertise. This seems to be the perfect setting for you to share your experiences. Nothing helps deepen knowledge as effective as sharing it.
    You have been teaching me so much already… I assure you that I am not the only one touched by you…by your tenacity and perseverance, and your sensitive, delicate way to treat others. Because of people like you, this world is a nicer place!
    Very proud of the you!
    (One thing people don’t know about me: I always miss you)

    1. When I think of the constants in my life – mom, kids, work- you are right there next to them; even with the miles between us!!!! Thank you for your love and support always!

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