Peace, Joy and Tulum… Happy 2021!

Peace, Joy and Tulum… Happy 2021!

Happy New Year my loves! I hope that this year has started off on a more peaceful and kinder note than last. We took a serious beat down last year to say the least.  To think we are coming up on the one-year mark of the pandemic shut down is surreal.

Anyway, as 2020 wound down, I had this overwhelming desire to begin 2021 on different note.  Some time back in November I started toying with the idea of going away from New Year’s Eve.  Now being Latina from a large family this would have been unthought of during pre-Covid times as we always see the year out in a big way!!! Big dinner, over 20 family members along with friends.  Drinks. Music. A little, no a lot of dancing.

But being that things were different this year and its always been on my bucket list to go away for the holidays, I thought this would be the perfect time to ring in the new year in a different place, in a different way, solo.

And so off I went.  I chose Tulum because I had taken a 1-day trip long ago and was left with the urge to go back.

As part of starting my new year differently I decided to book an eco-friendly hotel rather than stay at some fancy resort.  I stayed at The Green Tulum Hotel & Cabañas which is off the main road,  a little bit separated from the center of town but close enough that you could walk or bike in.

Now I am not going to lie when I arrived at the hotel, I was sure it was a set up and that I would end up on an episode of Dateline or something.  But after my initial apprehension I was pleasantly surprised.View from my balcony

The hotel features cabañas that house two units each.  I was happy that I was on the second floor and a skip and a hop away from the pool.   The unit is one large round room with a four-poster bed with sheer curtains, a settee, one nightstand and a closet, and of course the bathroom.  When I tell you bare, it was bare.  Nothing like the travel experiences I’ve had at all inclusive, luxurious hotels.

The staff were so helpful and sweet and so informative.  We shared a refrigerator in the common area which also housed sitting areas with books to read, coffee station and music playing at all times. I really loved it.

I wanted to share with you some cute places to visit while in Tulum especially on a budget.

I had the best avocado toast at Sole Cantina, small café and bar on Avenida Tulum.  My breakfast (avocado toast, two eggs, bacon and coffee) cost me less than $8.00.

You guys know I love hookah and of course I found the cutest hookah bar with a balcony overlooking the main road.  I got to sit up there and smoke while people watching- perfect combination.

Want great pizza? Go try La Estancia Jujena, also located in the center of town on La Avenida Tulum.  The very best margarita pizza I’ve had and super inexpensive with lots of happy hour deals.

If you want to get glammed up and you don’t mind sitting in 45-minute traffic please go check out the Boca Paila strip.  Lined up and down with chic eateries, cantinas, cabañas catering to the yogi in you that also leads to a natural preservation where you can witness deep sea turtles lay their eggs.  Each year between June and November, sea turtles land on Mexico’s beaches to nest, and hatching usually occurs during the months of August, September, October and early November.

Local artesania by local artists.

You can also find the cutest boutiques selling crocheted swim cover ups, handmade jewelry and beautiful souvenirs created by local artisans.  I ended up at the Puro Corazon bar and restaurant that features a rooftop and is known for the most amazing sunsets.  Go have a margarita and watch the sky burst with color as the sun sets.  This is where I run in the new year.  One of my favorite places in Tulum.

Puro Corazon Boca Paila Tulum

One thing you should know, which I didn’t is that the holidays are high season in Tulum.  I didn’t expect it to be so crowded, but I can say there were tons of quiet spaces in Tulum too.

This website is a great resource for traveling to Tulum.  Go check it out and it will definitely give you more details about places to stay, eat and visit!

So that’s it for information about Tulum, I will put together a more thorough Tulum Guide in the future.

For now, I wanted to talk about why I chose to ring in the new year alone.  A lot of my friends were like – WTH! You can’t leave us!  We’re coming.  I stood my ground.  I said absolutely not.  It’s like I can’t even explain it.  The wanderlust needed it.  To this day they think I snuck off with some secret lover.  LOL! Not at all.

I spent a lot of time walking around and sitting in outdoor cafes, reading or in my thoughts.  I thought a lot about the year that ended and what I wanted for myself in 2021.  I didn’t journal or anything like that I just did a lot of thinking and reflecting.  I did some mental purging.  I went over mistakes I’ve made, people I’ve hurt and I asked the Universe for forgiveness and I forgave myself as well and I shelved it.  So many times, we just keep going over and over things or regretting and it’s such wasted energy.

I rested, I read, I laid in the sun.  When I got home on the 4th, I just felt lighter and freer and ready to tackle this year and my goals.  I set some intentions for the new year and I jumped right into them instead of being exhausted and hungover on the 1st and deciding to start drinking all over again because it’s still a holiday.

Perfect summer reading by the beach.

Listen I love to travel with friends and family, but I also love to travel with myself.  I was pretty good company I have to say and I’d travel with myself again over and over.

Traveling solo is so empowering.  It forces you to become more comfortable in your own skin.  It helps you love yourself.  Makes you braver. More aware as you have all that time to just observe.


I thoroughly loved the experience and can’t wait for my next adventure and to hear about yours too!

May 2021 bring you health, peace, joy and some solo travel!


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