Dream Home Inspiration

Dream Home Inspiration

We all have dreams of owning a custom home. Dreams are what moves our soul and what keeps us focused on the bigger and small picture of life. A warm and inviting home inspires us to make it a reality, even if it may seem it’s a larger than life dream! For me, a home is comfortable, welcoming, and peaceful. There are several things I picture when it comes to what I would love inside a dream home and below are a few things I hope will inspire you as well! 

  1. Open Floor plan:  Many homeowners have opted to have an open floor plan within their home rather than various rooms on the bottom level. For those who have kids, this makes it a lot easier to know where your children are because you can see them from either your kitchen or living room area. For those of us with no small children, having an open floor plan also allows you to casually go from room to room and seems a lot more inviting and less cluttered than those who have rooms that cut you off from the rest of the home.  
  2. Big Open Windows: I love light, a lot of  it.  The sun  warms me and  lifts my spirits so a home with an open floor plan  and lots of windows to let the light in is a dream for me. I can picture myself enjoying the morning sun coming into my kitchen as I sip my morning coffee or being able to enjoy the sunset from the backyard or my deck.  Whatever it is, having big open windows is ideal for many family and single-family homeowners. Photo by Mike Gattorna on Unsplash
  3.  Eye-Popping Exterior: One of the key things in a dream home is making sure it’s unique in some way. This can be achieved by looking at the exterior of the home, figuring out what your style is and coming up with some eye popping exterior, such as the siding. For example, a company called Brazilian Wood Depot offers wood siding that is not only beautiful but extremely appealing to look at. They have a variety of siding to choose from but I personally am loving this Ipe Rainscreen Siding.  This hardwood lumber is not only made from beautiful wood but its hardwood lumber is rated to last 40-100 years! Real rain screen siding also provides better protection from mold than other construction methods. The company also emphasizes the proper shipment of their lumber to ensure that the siding material arrives in the quality and excellent condition that you deserve. They have special wood crates for shipping and transportation, low overhead costs, and a large number of shipments while ensuring a smooth delivery process. Plus, they can deliver across the entire United States! Image: Brazilian Wood Depot
  4. A Movie Theatre – I never realized that this was something that would be on my dream list but not being able to enjoy the luxury of attending a movie theatre because of COVID has changed that for me.  If I had a movie theater in my home, this would be something that would be considered a true dream. Watching my favorite romantic comedies, curling up with a cozy blanket, sharing popcorn with my grandkids, and enjoying a true movie experience in the comfort of my own home would be a dream come true. Of course, I’d also have to find some big oversized couches or chairs to use as well.
  5. A Garden with a Pond: I love the sound of water and though a pool could be fun it is too much work for me.  I would love to have a pond with some trickling water and perhaps grow a small vegetable garden nearby.  I’ve been working on trying to grow a few plants indoors but it would be lovely to grow plants and vegetables. There are so many creative ways to build a garden too so I know that if I didn’t have a lot of space in the backyard, I could build a small terrace or even add a few hanging plants on an outdoor patio area. Being able to sit outdoors, reading a favorite book, listening to the sound of water sounds magical. 
    Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

I know there are a few other big things I’d love to share about my dream home but these are at least my top 5. Honestly, it might not matter where my dream home is as long as I can share it with the people that matter most to me. What are some dream home inspiration ideas that you have for yourself and your family?

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