Microneedling and why you should consider it….

Microneedling and why you should consider it….

It’s been a while since I’ve written a beauty blog so I wanted to come on and talk a little about my microneedling experience.

As you all know I am in my 50s and though I am often complimented on how youthful I look I am still obsessed with looking younger.  I subscribe to cosmetic boxes, spend lots of time self-loving this skin, drink lots of water and always looking for less invasive procedures to try.

Imagine how thrilled I was when Slate Med Spa reached out for a collab! Anything to look younger and feel better about myself is always a win!

Completing my intake packet

What is Vivace Fractional RF Microneedling?

The Vivace RF microneedling system is the newest generation of microneedling with radio frequency and is effective for fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, acne, acne scars, and skin tone, texture and pore size, both on and off the face. It is the most revolutionary contouring and skin tightening system for face, neck, hands and body available, producing immediate, pain-free results.

Safe for all skin types, Vivace can offer similar results as ablative and fractional laser procedures, but with significantly less discomfort, downtime, and risk of complications. This revolutionary new treatment also addresses the limitations of older ‘traditional’ RF treatments and heats deeper tissues to a much higher level, which leads to greater collagen production, elastin remodeling and wound contraction previously unattainable with older technology.  This is why the Vivace is a game changer in skin rejuvenation and tightening. – Slate Med Spa

Skin rejuvenation and tightening were it for me.

My experience and why I chose this procedure in particular.


Even though I am always complimented on how young I look for my “age”, who wants to hear that? I want to be told I look young. Period.  Not young for my age! Since I started menopause 7 years ago, I’ve noticed I have lost elasticity in my skin.  I’ve noticed my jawline started to sag a little bit.  I am not ready to do anything invasive but started to think about how to rejuvenate and freshen my face.

I’ve had Botox a couple times but primarily in my frown lines.  I wanted something that was going to brighten and tighten my entire face without it looking too drastic of a change.

I set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Raquel. We talked everything beauty! And trust me they do it all.

We talked about various procedures that are provided such as PRP Vampire facial, Botox, fillers, and microneedling.  After Dr. Raquel answered all my questions thoroughly and in laymen’s terms. I opted for the Vivace Fractional RF Microneedling.


My lovely aesthetician applying numbing cream.

The day of my treatment I arrived about 20 minutes early.  My aesthetician, Marianna, applied a numbing cream to my face and let me relax for about 20 minutes.  Soon it was time to get started.  I won’t lie, I was a little scared anticipating the first needle prices.  But then I remembered that I have all these tattoos all over my body.  And that I gave birth to two girls.  My tolerance for pain is pretty high and after a few minutes it really was more of an annoying sensation versus painful.  Marianna worked one side of my face and later the other.  She was very attentive to my body language and asked frequently if I was doing ok.  Honestly, the most uncomfortable was when she worked on my forehead (since there is such little fat there.) The whole procedure took about 15 minutes.  After we were a done, she applied a soothing face mask to calm my skin and lessen the reddening.


Immediately after, minimal redness

I was a little anxious about looking in the mirror.  My face felt tingly and kind of raw.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  I had some red areas and blotching but expected much worse.  Marianna gave me some post care instructions- no makeup, use only gentle cleansers, and absolutely positively no direct sunlight.  By day 2 signs of reddening were gone and skin was looking brighter and tighter.  I am now on day 21 of my treatment and my jawline tighter.  My skin looks so much better.  Will I have more treatments?  Absolutely.  After all you don’t go to the gym just one time if you want lasting results, right?

We are a youth and beauty obsessed culture and not all treatments work for everyone.  You should do your research until you find the one that works best for you.  If you’re not sure, I definitely recommend trying microneedling.  Very little downtime, little discomfort, non-invasive and immediate results.

And if you’re not sure where to go, Slate MedSpa in Fairlawn is the place! Thoroughly knowledgeable, professional, following Covid19 Guidelines and more!

Have you considered microneedling?  Have you considered any skin rejuvenation techniques? How about microneedling?

Comment below and let me know your thoughts. And make sure to go and check out https://slatemedspa.com/ and get all your Vivace Fractional RF Microneedling questions answered.

SlateMedSpa is the #1 Center for Microneedling, CoolSculpting and all your skin rejuvenation needs!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have thought of having something done but really didn’t know what. My jawline is more of a concern than anything. My forehead is fine and the rest of my face is fine but that doggone jawline is a concern.

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